Interested in Joining our Research Team?

I work with a team of graduate students and undergraduate students on projects addressing diverse topics relevant to close relationships and social interaction. If you have questions about collaborating or working in my lab please contact me.

Joining the Lab as an Undergraduate Student

If you are an undergraduate student at Florida Atlantic University, then you may consider applying to join our research team as a Directed Independent Study student. This course provides hands-on experience conducting research and developing skills that are essential for those considering graduate school, including running experiments and behavioral observation and coding.

You can apply to join our lab as a Directed Independent Study student by clicking here to complete a brief application form.

If you are not a student at FAU but are interested in volunteering in our lab, please contact me.

Joining the Lab as a Graduate Student

If you are interested in joining the lab as an M.A. or Ph.D. student, feel free to contact me at the e-mail address listed on the home page of this site. I will be reviewing applications of prospective graduate students for the next academic year.

Click here to learn more about the FAU Psychology department graduate programs and application information. Ph.D. program applications are due on January 15th of each year. M.A. program applications are due on May 1st of each year.