Summer Sheremata

Summer Sheremata

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Boston University
Research Area: Research Area: Cognitive Neuroscience

Contact Information:
Office: 207 Behavioral Science
Telephone: (561) 297-3362
Fax: (561) 297-3360
Lab Website: Lab Website

General Research Interests

The world around us is rich in detail, conveying its meaning mainly through our sense of vision. To our eyes, people and objects change at every moment. However, we are able to perceive and interact with the external world with ease. My research focuses on how attention and memory allow us to form continuous representations of the world.

Representative Publications

Sheremata, S.L., Silver, M.A. (2015) Hemisphere-dependent attentional modulation of human parietal visual field representations. Journal of Neuroscience 35(2): 508-17.

Sheremata, S.L., Shomstein, S. (2014) Hemifield asymmetries differentiate VSTM for single- and multiple-feature objects. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 76(6) 1609-19.

Sheremata, S.L., Bettencourt, K.C., Somers, D.C. (2010) Hemispheric asymmetry in visuotopic posterior parietal cortex emerges with visual short-term memory load Journal of Neuroscience 30(38):12581-8.