Links to other Great Places

Riverside Accuracy Project Website - The Accuracy Lab at UCR has a long tradition of studying personality psychology and has provided foundational contributions to our understanding of the process of personality judgment. Current research in this lab focuses on the psychological properties of situations. This website contains links to well-developed psychological instruments for measuring personality (the CAQ), behavior (the RBQ), and situations (the RSQ).

The Personality Project Website - This website, run by Bill Revelle, contains great information on a number of personality topics including lists of readings on personality theory and psychometrics. It is also one of the most useful pages discussing using R for personality research.

The International Personality Item Pool Website - This website, run by Lew Goldberg, provides access to public domain personality items and measures. Extremely useful for finding personality measures and developing new ones.

Rand Wilcox's Website - Includes links to research papers and books by Rand on resampling methods as well as links to Rand's latest R functions for robust statistics. - This website provides an excellent tutorial for new R users with clear examples.

Geoff Cumming's Website - I don't have a habit of promoting books on my website, but if you found this webpage you probably should read this book. Geoff is changing the way people think about statistics in psychology. I recommend climbing aboard.