R for Statistical Procedures

Quarters/Semesters Taught
Winter 2011

This course is designed to acquaint practitioners of traditional psychological statistics with the R interface. The materials used for the course are attached below. The first file contains the course syllabus which briefly describes the course and outlines the lecture topics. The second file is a .doc file providing instructions on downloading and installing R. I teach the course using windows, but Mac users should have little trouble following along as well. The third file is a .zip file containing the R lectures. The R lectures are .r files which contain the R code used in the course along with relatively heavy comments describing how they work. Many of these lectures are based on Bill Revelle's short R course and much credit is due to Bill for several of these lectures. The fourth file is a .zip file containing the data sets that are used during various lectures during the coure. The fifth file is a .r file that contains some functions written by me that are used in the course.

Syllabus (winter 2011)

Installing R

Lecture Files

Data Sets

R Functions for Course