R Functions

I am happy to announce that, as of December 16, 2013, my R functions are now available for download from CRAN in the 'multicon' package. This marks a significant improvement in that my functions are now fully documented with help files, examples, and a complete package manual. You can find the package online here: multicon. The current version of multicon is 1.6 (2/2/2015). [version history]

The multicon package is aimed at analyzing what I refer to as "Multivariate Constructs" (with thanks to Mike Furr for this label). Multivariate constructs are, as the name implies, psychological constructs that consist of multiple variables (see also Sherman & Serfass, 2015). For example, personality is a multivariate construct because a complete description of an individual's personality requires the assessment of more than one variable (perhaps 5, 6, or even 100!).

Assessing the degree to which such multivariate constructs are related to other variables of interest or quantifying the similarity between individuals measured on multivarite constructs often requires some atypical (read: not found in your typical graduate stats book) analyses. These analyses include things like Q-correlations, within-S correlations/regressions (e.g., profile correlations), template matching, and quantifying the replicability (reliability) of such patterns. The multicon package contains a host of functions aimed at doing just these things.

In addition, the multicon package also contains several functions for graphically displaying differences in group means. These functions were inspired by the work of Geoff Cumming (Understanding the New Statistics, 2012) and include Cat's Eye Plots and Difference Plots among others.


If you are sad to see my old source code replaced by the multicon package, rest assured I will still maintain those functions here:

R Functions (version 2.8)

"Many Variables" Analysis Functions

To accompany this file, I have also created an example R file demonstrating how these functions might be used. You can dowload it here. The dataset used by the example R file is available here.

Replicability of a Vector Functions

Contains only those functions pertinent to estimating the replicability of a pattern of slope (e.g. correlation) coefficients.