SMART Meetings

Statisical Methods and Research Topics

Semesters Held
Every Semester since SP 2012

Statistical Methods and Research Topics (SMART) is a forum for informal discussions of quantitative and methodological issues. SMART meetings are not an official FAU course and all are welcome to attend at any time. Topics of discussion often include data analytic strategies, research designs, responding to editor/reviewer feedback, scientific philosophy, and research methods. Some meetings (see schedule below) consist of informal presentations lasting between 15-20 minutes while other meetings are entirely open forums where everyone is invited to bring their own questions of interest.

Meeting Time/Location
During the FA 2016 SMART Meetings will feature lectures on the R Statistical Software. Meetings will be held each Wednesday in BS-103 from 11:00-11:50. All graduate students and faculty interested in R are invited to attend. The (approximate) course schedule is as follows:

8/24 - Introduction to SMART
8/31 - Getting to Know R [.R file]
9/7 - Manipulating Data [.R File] [csip dataset]
9/14 - Descriptives, Correlation, & Regression [.R File] [ESM L2 Data]
9/21 - Visualizing Data [.R File]
9/28 - Chi-square, T-test, & ANOVA [.R File] [Meat Data]
10/5 - Psychometrics [.R File]
10/12 - Exploratory & Confirmatory Factor Analysis [.R File]
10/19 - Mixed Effects Modeling [.R File] [Weight Data]
10/26 - Growth Curve Modeling [.R File] [SimBell54 Data]
11/2 - Machine Learning
11/9 - Functions & Simulations

Materials for each meeting will be linked here as well. Attendees are STRONGLY encouraged to bring their own laptop computers. I cannot guarantee that the university computers in BS-103 will have R installed.