Psychological Insights


Great Moments in Psychology

2600 B.C.Homunculus discovered in bullrushes
2100 B.C.Babylonians invent defense mechanisms, conquer known world
1952 B.C.Sumerians localize sense of smell in nose
1 B.C.Psychologist follows street lamp, is denied position as wise man
1100 A.D.Psychologists go on strike, demand shorter work-century and right to prepare porridge
1880Wundt proposes lab for study of introspection, but thinks better of it
1887Nietzsche finds God slumped over in shrubbery, gets idea for book
1888Psychologist ignores advice of colleagues and friends, later discovers he's deaf
1890William James sticks paddle in ear, discovers stream of consciousness
1914Baby swallows kryptonite, develops Superego
1926M&Ms invented, behaviorism commences
1928Vision isolated as crucial sense for operation of farm machinery
1934Cyberneticists identify thermostat as intelligent life form
1944Heider announces attribution theory, gives no reason
1947H. Stack Sullivan changes first name from "Hay" to "Harry," career finally takes off
1953Pleasure centers located in hypothalamus and genitalia
1955George Kelly discovers personal construct, attempts to find owner
1973Psychologists give up on metaphors, claiming they go over like lead balloons
1978Social cognition researchers disprove the existence of emotion, motivation, and all things hot and wet
1980Reagan elected U.S. President, end of psychology as we know it
1983In last-ditch try for government funding, psychologists come out in favor of nuclear war
1987Dr. Joyce Brothers confesses to storing nuts in cheeks
1996Clinton shows Freud wrong, cigar is actually a speculum
1999Baumeister's publication rate blamed for world deforestation
2001Bush assumes presidency, settles Great Man vs. Zeitgeist controversy
2001Zimbardo elected APA president, needs no introduction